Our Steel Wheels

At DTD, we offer a range of over 190 steel wheel models, compatible with the majority of the car brands. You will find three categories of products: Multi-Application wheels, Exact Fit wheels and OEM Specification wheels. We also have Take-Off wheels for specific applications.

All of our steel wheels are first quality (DTD Specs) and are delivered in individual boxes to protect and facilitate re-shipping. To ensure foolproof identification, the product code is stamped on the wheel and appears both on the stickers placed on the rim and on the box.

Steel wheels are usually installed during winter to protect alloy wheels used in the summer, from calcium, salt, gravel or other abrasives used to secure our roads. Another advantage of the steel wheel is the economy of time and maintenance during periods of tire change. To keep a nice appearance, we suggest you add to your order a set of wheel covers that will hide the wheels while giving a nice look.