Wheel Manufacturing

At DTD, we are not just a distributor selling wheels. As a matter a fact, we participate in the making of the wheels we carry! Working closely with our carefully chosen manufacturers, we participate in the making of our wheels to ensure that they are of superior quality and fit in perfectly to the targeted applications.

  • We visited dozens of factories before choosing the best ones.
  • We do not use agents, we work directly with the factories (designers, machinists, engineers and factory owners) to keep the maximum control on the quality of our wheels.
  • We own the majority of the molds and tools used to manufacture our wheels.
  • Our wheels have the lowest defect ratio in the North American market.
  • Our requirements in regards to the tolerances are the tightest in the industry.
  • We were the first to put in boxes all of our steel wheels for easy resale and delivery by our resellers. It also protects our wheels from potential damages caused by handling.
  • On request, we can develop specific models for customers.
  • DTD quality wheels are now distributed and recognized throughout North America.