Our History

DTD 2009 INC is a car and light truck wheels distributor for Car Centers, Car Dealerships, Garages, Recyclers and Auto Parts Retailers. DTD’s main objective is to provide maximum quality wheels at a competitive price. Founded in 2009, DTD is recognized by the extensive experience and dynamism of its team which always strives to stand out from the competition.

At DTD, each wheel is produced in a plant visited and carefully selected, and manufactured under DTD’s technical specifications to always offer the best quality of steel and alloy wheels. Today, DTD has a reputation across North America for its services and the quality of the products it distributes. DTD has a primary warehouse of 50,000 square feet in Anjou, in the east of Montreal’s island plus several storage facilities located throughout North America.

Our Position

  • We are currently the fastest growing steel wheels distributor in North America.
  • We are now recognized as a major steel wheels distributor in North-America.
  • We have worldwide strategic partners.

Our Mission

  • Provide the best quality wheels at a competitive price.
  • Develop a nationwide distribution network with strategic and chosen partners who want to be the best in the business.
  • Create a partnership with our customers and our manufacturers to make sure we are aware of the newest and latest developments to make.